Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why using the online booking system?

This online booking system allows you to book you ticket to the Greek islands, in advance, ensuring consistency and safety. Our system is directly connected with the databases of the ferry companies so that to be updated at the very moment a change on routes or a new schedule is announced.

Bear in mind that bookings can be made at least 5 days in advance the departure date while the schedules are inserted to our system at the same time they are added in the ferry company system.

2. What are the reservation fees when using the online booking system?

We charge 2% of the ticket value as a service fee. Fees are not the same for all Greek agencies as each agency operates in different manners.

3. How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets booked through the online booking system can be delivered either by courier or at our office in Athens. In the first case, see below what the cost is and how long it takes to get them:

Delivery place Cost in € Delivery times
Greece 5.3 1-2 days
European countriese 22.4 3-4 days
Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany 18.5 2-3 days
USA, Canada, Norway 28 3-4 days
Australia 32 3-4 days
Other countries 31 4-6 days

If the tickets have not been delivered within the above estimates, please contact us in order to avoid any further problem.

4. Why isn't my reservation confirmed by the online system?

If you fail to see a confirmation message, then the seat or cabin you have requested is possibly not available. It may happen if several users may want to book the same ticket and one may have done it some seconds before you.

5. When are schedules announced in the system?

Ferry companies announce their schedule usually two months before the beginning of the holiday season but they can add routes when there is a lot of traffic during the season which means that more routes are announced during high season time.

6. What method of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards. Our online payment is managed by Alpha Bank e-Commerce

7. Are there any alternatives to credit card paying?

Tickets can only be paid with a credit when using the online booking system otherwise you can be informed on the schedules on our website and then buy the tickets from our agency office in Athens. In this case, you should know that pre-booking is recommended during high season time because high ticket demand leads often to unavailability.

8. Can I change my ticket?

You can send us an e-mail or call at our office if you want to make any changes on your ticket. In this case, it is necessary to let us know your customer and reservation codes. The changes you may require will depend on current seat availability and prices. Changes fee is 10 € if your tickets cost is up to 200 € and 15 € if your tickets cost is over 200 €. If the tickets have already been sent to you, then you have to pay a new courier to deliver you the new ones. Finally, if you have not enough time for the delivery, you can pick the tickets from our Agency in Athens.

In case you have booked a multiple trip, if you have already been on a part of it, then please call at the office of the ferry company.

9. Can I cancel my ticket?

Cancellation can be made in compliance with the policy applied by each ferry company. You have to send it back to our office, paying the courier cost on your own. Cancellation can be completed only if we have received the ticket.

10. Can I amend or cancel an issued ticket?

Refund for cancelling an issued ticket depends on the ferry company policy. It is necessary to lest as know about your wish to cancel it and send it back at least 10 days prior to departure date because cancellation is impossible when there is lack of time and in this case our office doesn't bear any responsibility if you have delayed sending the ticket back. We will send you the changed ticket back but if you have not enough time to receive it, you may drop in our office, in Athens, to pick it up. You will be charged with all courier fees in case ticket changing.

Ticket amendments can be made only within one ferry company providing there is availability for the desired seat/cabin and date. The office must possess the original ticket so that to cancel or amend it.